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Complete set of objects of power equipment includes a range of services:

Selection of the optimal structure of the equipment together with the customer.
The specialists of commercial department will calculate the cost of the equipment in components from different manufacturers (Russian manufacturers, Schneider Electric, etc.). "NPO "Sibelektroschield"is the dealer of the leading European manufacturers of electrical materials and components.

Consultation with specialists on the specifics of the application of technical solutions.
Specialists design and engineering department (DED) ensure competent technical support and maintenance of the production order.

Responsibility for the quality of the supplied equipment.
Specialists of the Technical control department (TCD) is performed maintenance of the production order at all stages of its formation: from circuit design to the finished equipment.

Delivery of equipment to the site.
Shipment of products produced by own transport from the warehouse in Omsk. Experts logistics department can offer you favorable terms of delivery of finished equipment.